promoting sustainability

adalberto &
eureka projet

we are shifting towards a circular economy
business model
we are part of an European Union mega project
on circular economy.

areas of action
& commitments

  • GOTS certified
  • dedicated team to optimise water
  • social responsability
  • hosting several projects on circular economy
  • our cotton is BCI certifie
  • enforcing the Paris Agreement on
    climate change
  • certified working environment
  • sustainability office to promote
    environmental protection
  • monthly health and wellness activities
  • internal policies and actions to decrease our
    energy usage
  • 100% renewable sources of energy
  • OCS


our actions

  • whenever technically possible we use
    processes with lower water consumption
  • best in class water usage in dyeing
    and washing processes
  • we do not use any chemical that harm
    the environment or the end consumer
  • we have our own water treatment


  • reusage system of water to optimize total
  • 20% reduction in annual consumption
    compared to 2016 – less 92 400 m3
  • our actions combined save the equivalent of
    1 olympic swimming pool per week


our actions

  • integrated system of heat exchange
  • weekly waste, exhausts and piping audits
  • our electricity is all produced by
  • renewable sources of energy
  • design studio partially heated by waste heat


  • reduction of 42% in specific energy
    consumption in the last 5 years


our actions

  • active project to reduce CO2 emissions
  • recycling programs for textile waste
  • optimisation cutting studies to reduce fabric
  • we choose to use recycled paper in our


  • last year we saved 2 000 000kg of CO2,
    the equivalent of planting 12 500 trees
  • compliance with environmental legislation

health - safety &
social responsibility

our actions

  • total compliance with all european laws and
  • transparent action, information sharing and
    open behavior
  • promoters of social empowerment
  • biological products in our caffeteria
  • daily food menu developed by our
    in-house nutricionist

social certifications

  • social responsibility SA 8000 / SMETA
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the future is created by
what you do today.

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